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        Ma'anshan Langhui Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in October 2013, set design and development, manufacturing and technical services in one, with its own product design center and advanced CNC machining center, first-class product quality and excellent customer service service. Lang Fai Machinery is dedicated to providing cost-effective packaging equipment and solutions for small and medium sized food and beverage manufacturers in China and other countries. It has become a first-class supplier of liquid packaging equipment and a whole solution service provider in china.

       The organic combination of Langhui in liquid packaging expertise due to the process design and the whole line of the project, we established a process design system, different liquid dairy beverage packaging industry, according to the different forms of packaging and specific plan we provide for your project and process engineering  design. At the same time, our turnkey solutions will help you achieve efficient equipment operation, technological innovation, upgrading and low  maintenanccost.
        Langhui provides fruit beverage production line, milk beverage production line, soy milk and other vegetable protein beverage production line, supporting equipment, processes, product formulations, workshop layout, on-site installation.
        Langhui Machinery is located in Ma'anshan Ci Hu high tech Zone , convenient transportation, logistics developed products can be sent to the country,  drive to the urban area of Nanjing is only 35 minutes and drive to Hefei downtown is only 2 hours .





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