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       It has Media filters, sand stick filter, precision filter, fiber active carbon filter, ion exchanger, hollow fiber ultra filter RO reverse osmosis, UV sterilizer, ozone generator and other equipments. Their processing capacity is 0.5-30 T/H ,which effictively can remove the surface water turbidity organic matter, iron, manganese and oxides, filtering suspended substance, colloid microbial residual oxygen, ozone and part of the heavy metal ions, to reduce water hardness, so water quality indicators fully meet the drinking water standard.

      The device is high polymer material is made by special technology dissymmetrical semipermeable membrane.Under pressure£¬liquid flows inside and outside.One of the polymeric materials and colloid particles are blocked at the membrane surface, by circulating liquid away and become concentrated liquid, so as to achieve the separation of substances, concentrated and the purpose of purification.

      The reverse osmosis device is the saline water purification equipments, using a semi-permeate membrane under the action of the pressure difference. It is natural infiltration in the opposite direction,so called reverse osmosis. Different materials have different osmotic pressure, can be greater than the osmotic pressure of the reverse osmosis to achieve separation, extraction, purification and concentration or purpose.


(1)Booster pump (2)Original water tank (3)Booster pump (4)Multi-media filter (5)Activated carbon filters(6)Resin filter (7)Precise filter (8)High-pressure pump (9)RO1 (10)Flowmeter (11)Concentrated water export (12)High-pressure pump (13)Water tank (14)High-pressure pump (15)RO2 (16)Flowmeter(17)Concentrated water export (18)High-pressure pump (19)Pure water tank (20)Ozone generator

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