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Filling and Sealing Machine for Bag

Natural Fruit Juice Filling machines

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    1.         The standing pouch is a popular international packaging shape. It is also called Spout Pouch or Pre-shaped bag. It is a novel form of packaging, diverse modeling, reliable measurement, seal firm, easy to use and low  packaging materials cost, etc.
              It is widely used to fill and cap dairy food ,lactic acid drinks,milk,yogurt,vegetable protein drinks,pure water,mineral water,soda water,coconut water,carbonated beverage,natural fruit juice,beverage,liquid,drinks,soft drink,egg tofu,Japanese tofu,tomato sauce,salad dressing,mayonnaise,fruit jam,candy,jelly,ice pop,honey,cosmetic,laundry liquid,shampoo,daily chemicals,detergents,alcohol cream,soy Sauce,cooking Oil,viscous liquid, etc.
    2.  Features:
      1.It adopts 304 stainless steel, and PLC control system .
      2.Chinese and English man-machine visualization operation interface.It is fully automatic run by PLC control system, such as filling, sealing, dropping bags, etc.
      3.It adopts airless pressurized filling. It can effectively avoid secondary pollution. The filling volume is adjustable.
      4.Unique sealing part design, seal suitable location and firm.It add Teflon material in the sealing parts when you want to seal PE or Nylon pouches.
      5.Comprehensive safety design, with electric-leakage protection.
      6.Each function is designed in modules and easy to maintenance.
      7.Unique filling nozzles and anti-drip valve design, no leaking filling and save costs(BD1410A/BD1410B)
      8.Unique sanitary pneumatic forced pump design improves the filling volume accuracy less than ±1%.(BD1410B)
      1.SUS304 stainless steel
      2.WEINVIEW touch screen, MITSUBISHI PLC system, Other CHINT electrical equipments.
      3.AIRTAC pneumatic components
      4.Food - grade silicone tubes
      5.Sanitary centrifugal pumps (BD1410/BD1410A)
      6.Unique sanitary pneumatic PIISTON pump (BD1410B)

     Technial datas:

    Model BD1410A
    Packing rate 2000-3500 bags/hr
    Filling nozzles 8
    Workstation 2
    Bag material BOPP laminated LDPE, various shapes pre-shaped bags
    Film thickness £¾0.18mm
    Filling volume 20~500ml (Customize)
    Filling accuracy <150ml ±(2~5)ml; 150~500ml ≤±2%
    Power input 220V 50Hz
    Power 0.8-1.6 Kw
    Air Pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa
    Air Consumption 0.25-0.50 m3/min
    Net weight ≈140 kg
    Overall dimension 1150x700x1145mm3(LWH)
    Gross weight ≈200 kg
    Packaging dimension 1300x900x1300mm3(LWH)





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